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Up to 90% of veterinary patients presented with severe medical issues are euthanized and great wealth of biomedical information is lost that can help future pets, your next pet.

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Below a dog Named Finley had to be put down due to liver disease and a cat name Rocky due to cancer. “It is”, says Dr. Newman of Veterinary Regional Referral Hospital in Decatur, AL, “critical for vets and pet hospital to be able to treat companion animals and to extend their lives and to keep them from being euthanized for any reason including financial.”

What if the research in a research veterinary hospital could have been instrumental in extending their lives for a few more years or even a cure? That research, specially post mortem examinations are often excluded when pets are euthanized. There is a wealth of biomedical knowledge available from naturally occurring diseases in our pets, and further testing as well as post mortem exams are necessary to utilize that knowledge and improve the medical care for our pets. Euthanization causes enormous amount of pain and suffering for the owner and early termination for the pet.

Viewer discretion is advised, very sad videos below

Dr. Newman goes further saying: “There are many examples in human medicine of successful research hospitals that provide free treatment for patients with qualifying illnesses. The biomedical knowledge discovered through these endeavors has ensured that many maladies previously thought untreatable are now not only manageable, but many have become curable. Through  this research, treatment protocol has become less invasive and more effective, providing physical and financial benefit to all of us. Because their treatment and research is not charged to the patients, these hospitals rely on the generous support of the public. Please donate what you can for the creation of this research hospital to help discover cures, medical procedures and protocols.”

The plan for Veterinary Regional Referral Hospital is to become Newman Veterinary Research Hospital, a not-for-profit 501(c)3 facility providing intensive service for patients with specific disease criteria. By design it will provide emergency and intensive care, as well as oncology, surgery, internal medicine, imaging, clinical and anatomic pathology. Eventually we will expand this research into all areas of veterinary medicine and will include all diagnostic equipment currently used in human hospitals. Veterinary medical teams will  work in partnership with human medical teams to develop new treatments and improve care for our pets. These treatments can then be utilized in human medicine as well. Routine fees will be required to use the service but the purpose of the hospital is to fully investigate and discover both genetic and environmental causes for diseases of all types.

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